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Limos General Information

We own our Stretched Hummer Limousines.  We are not a broker site that adds a commission to your booking.  Our prices are competitive yet reflect the quality, safety of our amazing Limos.

These Limousines were built to exacting standards of safety by General motors, and are only stretched by experts in order that these safety features are maintained in our Limousine fleet.  We are passionate about your safety and our Limo chauffeurs are well trained, so your safety is completely protected when you select one of our vehicles.

Hummer H2 2009 series

This Limo is a 2009 Hummer H2
Our Hummers are custom stretched


The Hummer manufacturers, AM General, have said that they take no responsibility for any accidents which Hummers which have been stretched are involved in.  AM General have also said that the passenger numbers to be carried in their Hummers should not be increased unless a full altered vehicle test on the braking, suspension and body has been carried out.

As a responsible Limo hire company in the UK, we know how to check the plating from the manufacturer or the coach builder who created a stretched limousine to ensure the work was done by a certified coach builder and one who has followed all of the stretched limousine safety standards.

These coach builders will check on the weight ratings, the seating, seat belts and ensure the braking and mechanics of the vehicle can handle the extra weight of the extra passengers.  Of course the Hummer manufacturers are simply trying to cover themselves from any liability from after-market changes to their vehicles (as one would expect).

Our Limos meet new VOSA requirements to legally carry up to 16 passengers in the UK with full insurance cover.

This means you are fully insured when using our Limousines to carry 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15 up to 16 passengers.

      Pink Interior of our Hummer       Pink Interior of our Hummer

Our 2 White Hummer Limo Interiors

Beware of operators who are still operating illegally in the UK.  Protect your party by making sure the Limousine is VOSA approved.  If your party is stopped for a check and the Limo is not correctly licensed the Limo will be immediately impounded - leaving your party stranded.  And this is not the worst senario, if your Limo is involved in an accident you will not be insured.  Would you really risk letting your children go to a school prom in an unlicensed Limo?

Brian Bambridge MD of 1st Direct Cars Ltd says these Limos require changes to the braking systems to be safe on UK roads and explains if a drive belt fails on these vehicles travelling downhill a nasty accident could ensue as there is no original back up to halt these weighty Limos.  Remedying this and other road worthyness issues has cost his company over �25,000 and incurs ongoing regular expensive testing to check road worthyness.  Brian is however insistant on being legal as he would not welcome injury to any of his clients or their children being on his concience.

Beware of companies offering low cost Limo hire as they may be operating illegally. Jan 2013 Currently 1st Direct Cars Ltd is the only Legal H2 16 passenger Hummer Limousine Company operating in Essex.

The H2 stretched limousine.

Its wide stance allows it unparalleled stability on the road in addition ensuring a spacious interior.

Made to stretch

The coach builder delivers the Limo with: A heating, ventilation and air conditioning system that provides quick heat ups and cool downs, triple-sealed doors and an insulated body, both of which eliminate road noise.

These are just a few of the stock Hummer Limo features that prove this Limo was made to stretch, appreciate luxury and value at its finest.

Our 2 stretch Limousines offer a choice of different options and colors(currently black & white).  These are great choices as a party vehicle, with plenty of space for a mini bar and amazing acoustics for an optimum stereo system.  An H2 stretch Hummer makes getting there fun.


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